Bob Resume


845-475-8698 Monroe, NY 10950

Technical Project Lead

Senior Technical Project Lead, Technical Solutions Analyst, Systems Programmer/Engineer focused on solutions for mainframe, network, automation, OS software, vendor products and diagnostic tools delivered with time critical excellence. Proven skills in software management, 24/7 support, problem resolution, change management, disaster recovery engineering and vendor management in the zOS, zVM, IP, EE, SNA, and Web environments.


  • Conducted two major zOS release upgrade projects delivered on schedule with NO defects.
  • Planned and implemented the zVM/zLinux production and QA network environments with 100% success.
  • Led, planned, supported 9 separate data center relocation, consolidation and modernization projects.
  • Planned and implemented, as tower lead, 400+ zOS level set software upgrades, delivered at a 99.75% success.
  • Identified and documented for 40,000 session manager users by specific applications and business.
  • Successfully supported the outsourcing and subsequent in-sourcing of JPMC’s entire technical team to IBM.
  • Supported hundreds of LPAR DR Tests and three real DRs; Houston Flood, Florida hurricane and 9/11 World Trade for which I received JPMC’s Super Star Award.
  • Successfully mentored/developed several junior and raw recruits to productive project levels
  • Led technical role converting SNA mainframe connectivity to nearly 100% IP.

BOBKET.NET, LLC New York 2010-Present

Consultant, Systems Professional, Internet Marketing Strategist

  • Consulting Internet marketing strategist for local professionals and businesses. (2010-Present)
  • CITI Bank Corporate IT – Plan, develop and implement automation of zTPF integration testing in a zVM/CMS/PROP environment, to deliver a stable and flexible production emulation. (2010-2011)

JP Morgan Chase, New Jersey 2001-2009

Senior Network Systems Engineer, Technical Project Lead

Systems Software Engineer focused on 90+ production mainframes configuration, standardization, implementation, maintenance and support of network, operating system software, vendor products and disaster recovery.

  • Maintained and standardized all mainframe environments to the current software level set for every product rolled out. As the Network Tower Lead, the Lines of Business/stakeholders were provided with change and test plan documentation. Ensured that all products/connections to or between these LPARs were production ready. Supported implementation and post implementation validation
  • Implemented, remediated and supported enterprise wide and external customer file transfer services including FTP, SFTP, Connect:Direct, XCOM, NJE, and RSCS. Implementation included the supporting VTAM and TCPIP definitions, product install and customization and collaboration with security and the infrastructure team.
  • Conducted recovery (DR) testing with a large multi-discipline team to ensure timely recovery of critical systems.

Technologist, team focal point:

  • Tower Lead, implemented production and QA virtualized RedHat zLinux guest servers running under zVM on a z10 mainframe using VSWITCH with zVM/TCPIP/OMPRoute/CMS and RSCS for technical support.
  • Consolidated and upgraded aging technical support documentation into a shared central site, developed, deployed a multitier documentation database.

Technical Project Leader:

  • Formulated, documented and presented project plan to upgrade zOS’s major release and related vendor products maintenance. As the Network Tower Project Lead, IBM and vendor documentation were researched and analyzed to identify actionable functional changes that were assigned to team members.
  • Conducted analysis for Session Manager Remediation Project migrating 40,000 users migrating to TPX.
  • Conducted SNA Remediation/Local 327x project to eliminate obsolete Communications Controllers.
  • Led a mentoring program to develop junior and raw recruits into productive team members.

IBM – Consulting JP Morgan Chase, New Jersey (2003-2004)

Sr. Systems Management Integration Professional

Senior outsourcing and systems professional primarily assigned to JPMC account, which included the entire mainframe, non-LOB servers, infrastructure and Disaster Recovery environments.

Insurance Service Office, New Jersey 1996-2001

Lead Network Systems Programmer, Manage Vendor Products

Install, implement, configure and 24/7 support of all OS390 Operating System and vendor network software.

  • Lead Network Systems Programmer for a corporate wide project to remediate the SNA/Token Ring to IP/TN3270/Ethernet connections. Developed mainframe software environment and configuration definitions while transparently resolved all connections issues and successfully converted 600 users on schedule.
  • Moved the Corporate Data Center to a new location, developed, configured and implemented the mainframe network software environment and other hardware including 3745/46s and 3174s. Entire data center was successfully moved on schedule.

UJB Financial Services Corp, NJ 1995-1996

Senior/Lead Network Systems Programmer, Manage Vendor Products

Conduct project as technical lead to refresh and/or replace entire suite of obsolete network vendor/products/software.

Meldisco, NJ 1992-1995

Senior Network Systems Programmer, Manage Vendor Products

Implemented, maintained and supported OS software and Vendor product in both the MVS and VM environments.

Independent Consultant at Comdisco, NJ 1991-1992

Consulting Disaster Recovery Engineer

Supported and facilitated 90 customer DR tests and 3 actual disasters. Installed and implemented software products.

On-Line Software, NJ 1986-1991

Lead Network Systems Programmer, Manage Vendor Products

Implemented and supported software and products in the MVS, VM and Network environments.

Technology Experience

Desktop and Internet

  • W7, XP, MS Office 2007, MS Project, VISIO, SharePoint, LiveLink
    • IBM PComm; Attachmate Extra! X-treme 9.0, Reflections; Netmanage Rumba
  • IBMLINK, IGC(Advantis), Google and Google Products/Services, Cloud Computing

Operating Systems

  • zOS 1.11, JES2/NJE , ACF/VTAM, Enterprise Extender, TCPIP, TELNET, TN3270E, FTP, SMTP, OMPRoute, VIPA, DNS, OMVS; Netview 5.3/REXX/Pipes; Omegamon/XE/VTAM; MQ Series and CICS. ChangeMan. ACF2.
  • zVM 5.4, CMS, VSWITCH, HyperSockets, TCPIP, OMPRoute, RSCS, PVM

Network Products

  • CA NetmasterIP 1.6, TPX, Teleview, CAView; Sterling Connect:Direct 4.8(NDM), Secure+; LRS VPS 8.0;


  • IBM z10, Gigabit OSA Express, FE-OSA, OSA-2, IP/OSPF, InRange VSN/9800, CNT
  • CISCO 7500 router, 5509 Switch, Modems, 3x74 controllers, PCI 276 protocol converter.

Education, Affiliations

  • Rockland Community College, Suffern, NY
  • IBM Netview, VTAM, TCP/IP and CICS classes, Vendor router, Sniffer classes.
  • Share Technical Conference