Service Plan

BOBKET.NET, LLC Service Offering

BOBKET.NET, LLC is a consulting practice providing businesses, professional practices and tradesmen with enhanced Internet visibility & facilities via strategic planning, solutions, deployment and/or process management using marketing, social media and internet tools/facilities.

Enhancing Internet visibility is accomplished by:

  • Enhance, configure and redesign free websites like Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Business to maximize your business presentation and minimize competitor advertisements.
  • Citations or directory references like, Manta, Merchant Circle and dozens more.
  • Reviews initially from my review team are then integrated with your customer reviews.
  • Develop social business listings like Google+, Facebook Places, Four Square, Yelp & others

These services also indirectly increase your website’s search engine ranking and visibility.

Other related services are:

  • Mobile marketing – use the power of mobile devices to drive business activity
  • Social media management – design, create and day-to-day management of social media like LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and other social blogging services
  • Deploy office collaboration and automation services and tools via Google Apps or other strategies to substantially reduce IT overhead.

Examples of organizations that can be helped:

  • Businesses – Retail establishments, restaurants and personal service providers that are competing for new high value customers.
  • Professional Practices – attorneys, accountants, real estate sales or brokers, insurance services, bankers, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, primary care centers and others.
  • Tradesmen – electricians, plumbers, masons, contractors, landscapers, handy man service, auto towing and service centers and others.
  • Public Figures – authors, politicians, business leaders

The objective is to use these tools and resources to build a synergy that as it grows your business visibility grows at even a greater rate to reach the “first page near top” with a valued presentation.

The old expensive Yellow Book(s) and paper advertisements are a poor new customer source. Today, it’s reported that about 85% of these new customers originate from online search and of those about half are using a mobile device.

The general strategy and exclusivity policy are fairly simple.

Working as your agent, I will create working email accounts in the business name, build and configure websites as needed and purchase certain services for your business.

The exclusivity policy means that for a category and location, I will only represent your business. For example, if you are a barber in Monroe, I will not represent another barber in Monroe but may represent a non-competitive hair salon or a barber in Suffern. An attorney may want to hold several categories, like personal injury and family which can be accommodated with an extra charge.