Where Are You Right Now?

Every business uses marketing to connect with customers and a marketing plan efficiently focuses that process. Since available technology is adding new capabilities, regular review and updates to the business marketing plan are necessary. Often, due to budget limitations, upgrades have to be scaled in targeting the most productive opportunities.

Old fading expensive marketing strategies should be scaled back and replaced with new more cost effective strategies.


1. Marketing plan in place Yes No

2. Who is person responsible for managing marketing? _______

3. Is staff familiar with company’s products and services marketing? Yes No

Market Research

4. Target market description is written? Yes No

5. Target market is narrowed to most likely customers(age, sex, income level, location)?

6. Know number of customers in my target market? Yes No

7. Closest 3 competitors? What services? Prices?

8. Why do customers select the closest competitors?

9. Do you know what income your business is capable of producing at the service current level? Yes No

10. How do you keep current in your business?

Marketing Methods

11. Website()? –

12. Email? –News Letter - Constant Contact

13. Online Advertising Methods? – Like Adwords, Facebook ads

14. Blogs? –

15. Social Media Marketing? – Facebook, G+, Twitter

16. Local Search – Google Places, etc.

17. Mobile Search – Landing page QR

18. Directories – YP, Yelp, etc.

19. Banner Advertising on other sites?

20. Other Promotions – Refferal program, TV/Radio ads Craig’s list

21. Street Visibility and Signage -

22. Press Releases –

23. Media Kits –


24. Annual marketing budget? Yes No

25. Our marketing budget is based on a percentage of gross revenue. Yes No

26. Average monthly spending for current marketing and advertising.


27. How do you measure the effectiveness of your marketing methods?

28. I keep track of how a caller or new customer heard about us by asking them and writing it down. Yes No

29. I keep a spreadsheet tally of where calls and customers come from. Yes No

30. Our staff is trained to ask where a customer found out about us, including how they got to our website. Yes No

31. We have a system to separately track how our different marketing methods are working for getting new customers. Yes No

What are your biggest, most difficult marketing challenges and concerns?